Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil  – Verbio

750 ml – 15 frs

bidon 5 litres  – 70 frs

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Multicultivar – 100% italian

Fruity medium-intense category, obtained through the cold pressing of olives at their right degree of ripening, selected and picked directly from trees of varieties: Carpellese, Pendolino and Leccinoce that allows it to keep its nutritional qualities intact. It offers a vegetal and herbaceous sensation, with scent of artichoke and almond, of green color with yellow reflections.  Sensory Note:

Taste sweet initial sensation with a hint of bitterness and intensity of mid-intensity. Present in the mouth a pleasant final note of artichoke and almond.

Palmitic acid: 11%
Oleic acid: 77.9%
Linoleic acid: 6.2%
Total polyphenols: 659 mg / kg

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with citrus

250 ml – 10 frs

It is an oil obtained by working olives with organic lemon peel. The olives are harvested at the veraison, as well as the citrus fruits generally lemons of the Amalfi Coast, with a right balance between the amount of citrus fruits and olives. They are assembled within 20 hours maximum since picking with a delicate process of cold manufacturing so as not to lose the highly volatile content of the taste and nutrients contained in the skin of citrus fruits.

 The oil has a delicate and fruity flavor, excellent used raw, to season salads, vegetables, fish and meat steamed or grilled.