About me

I was born in Geneva 37 years ago and grew up in an Italian family filled with love, not only for each member that made it up, but also for its small original village in southern Italy, Bagnoli Irpino. 

In this village, the truffle is the main characteristic, and already small, it was part of my culture, it was normal to have truffles at home, and we did not realize the luxury product that’is represented. 

My mom always tells me that I ate it like an apple when I was little … but I would tell you that I could still do it today … 

Mom of two wonders, I stopped all professional activity for a few years in order to be able to devote as much time to them as possible. Then one day I realized that it was time for me to find the path that would lead me to professional fulfillment.  


I got up one morning and wondered why not bring to Geneva some of my culture, the truffle and its by-products which are used daily by us. This is where Truffinesse was born, in December 2015. 

You will therefore find on the online store of truffinesse.com all kinds of products with truffles and fresh truffles, as well as Italian Slowfood Organic products (tomato sauces, olive oil, chestnut products, spices, etc.) which have come to complete my range of products. 

I work with both restaurateurs and individuals, and hope that you too will find your happiness there! 

Do not hesitate to contact me to receive the list of products at professional prices. 

See you soon, 

Founder Truffinesse