Find our Grocery Store Truffinesse at the

Centre Commercial de la Tourelle
Chemin de la Tourelle 2
1209 Geneva

What do you find in our Store ?

– All varieties of truffle in all seasons
– All derived truffle products
– Fresh pasta made by Fabbrica Pasta with our products
– Olive Oil (classic, citrus, spicy and in big box)
– Organic tomato sauce and Peeled San Marzano DOP “la Fiammante”
– Chestnut Cream and Chestnut with syrup
– Colombes or Panettone in season
– Pastiera Napoletana (Napoletan Pie with ricotta)
– Hazelnut Spread and chocolate dragées with Piémont Hazelnut IGP
– Pesto and Pistachio Cream from Bronte
– Wild Origan, Organic dried tomatoes from Sicily, Chili pepper
– Digestives from Amalfitan Coast (Limoncello,
    Meloncello, Fragolì, Mandarinello, and others)
– Babà  in Limoncello

and other products soon…