Organic Tomato Sauce  “la Fiammante”

680gr – 3.50 frs

carton 680gr x 12 – 35 frs

Organic tomato sauce which allies the pleasure of the taste to a healthy food, which respects the environment.


Fragrant and naturally sweet flavor.

An ideal past for all simple preparations and
fast cooking, especially for children’s recipes

Organic Tomato Pulp  “la Fiammante”

400 gr – 2.35 frs

carton 400 gr x 24 – 45 frs

A perfect pulp for the prolonged cookings, especially in preparations destined to childrens.

Sweets and perfumed tomatoes 100% italian envoys in preserve just picked, after having been worked to bits.

The high quality of the Biological Tomatoes with ist great contribution of vitamins and mineral salts develops in important action nutraceutica. A preserve of tomato from the genuine taste, good and that it does well, guaranteeing us a double benefit guardianship our health and, at the same time it respects the environment.

Peeled Tomatoes San Marzano DOP

“la Fiammante” de l’Agro Sarnese Nocerino

400 gr – 3.50 frs

carton 400 gr x 12  – 35 frs

(also available in 2500gr)

Tomato San Marzano DOP are an ancient tomato variety of the EU’s protected designation of origin (PDO).


It has a balanced sweet taste, a vivid red colorand a low pulp pulp. Ideal for all recipes of  Mediterranean cuisine and of course to season according to tradition, Pizza Napoletana DOP, queen of Made in Italy in the world.

Polpa fine Pa’Pizza “la Fiammante”

2500 gr – 6 frs

carton 2500 gr x 6  – 30 frs

(declining tariffs)

Pa’Pizza is a tomato preserver that cleverly processes the experience of tomato processing in the ancient tradition of Neapolitan pizzas, which have always smeared peeled tomatoes, having deprived seeds and fibrous parts, to obtain the right texture of seasoning.

   From the finest Southern Italian tomatoes, carefully selected and quickly worked, Polpa Fine Pa’Pizza is born, a tasty tomato pulp, ideal for ensuring the necessary moisture and an intense and fragrant scent.